Friday, August 10, 2012

It's That Time....

When all I think about is blogging.  It's been over a YEAR!! How did that happen? We are about to embark on another new adventure in our life and I've decided to document it for my prosperity.  It'll be interesting to see how the next few years go, but something tells me we'll survive...barely, but we will survive!!  Brad and I will be on survival mode and hopefully Grady won't notice and his world won't be completely turned upside down.  I even created a new blog for our new adventure, but couldn't fathom breaking up with my Helpmebubba blog.  This here blog has quite a bit documented on it already...infertility, journey to deciding on adoption, then the whole process, my frustrations and excitement of it all, job loss, death & sickness, our miracle, moving, adjusting to life as a Mom, caring for my Grandfather etc., etc.  I can't even wrap my head around breaking up with this here blog! I get all emotional just thinking of it.

After three years of moving to Southern CA for a change of career for Brad, it has finally worked out.  I must say that if it weren't for Grady, Brad and I would like to completely erase the last few years.  It seemed like we couldn't catch a break for nothing! But, now as time has passed and we have hindsight we can say we were only being prepared for what is to come.  I sound all mysterious huh?  Brad is now working for an oil refinery, which means we now have stability...you don't realize how important it is until you don't have it!  I have been accepted into nursing school!! Woohoo!! I start in TWO WEEKS! I'm freaking out just a tad over that...okay more than a tad..more like A LOT! I'm excited to get it done with.  I'm not excited about not spending every second with Grady.  As much as he drives me insane, I don't know what to do with myself when he's not with me.  How does that happen? I'm a control freak when it comes to him and now to have to have someone else call the shots freaks me out like crazy.  That someone else is actually just Brad and my sister....but still!! I want to know everything he does all day long and I will drive them both crazy with my constant questions and text messages for pictures of him throughout the day.  I'm more nervous about being without Grady than I am about starting the nursing program.  Hopefully, I can find a balance between school and being a decent mom and wife. My other role will be zombie, since I don't plan on getting much sleep...like ever. again.!!

One of my BFF's, Yannette, has added three more children to their family...so that makes SIX children for them ages 9 to 6 months...and she's only the ripe old age of 28!!  Now she is one busy Momma.  I figure if she can deal with 6 kids, work part time from HOME and still be a good wife....then I can do a juggling act as well.  Her role seems a lot harder to me than student, wife and mother of one.  I just keep telling myself that I CAN DO HARD THINGS....and if I fail at it, I won't admit it.  I'll just give the world "the bird" with a smile on my face....


Blogger John said...

You'll be a world class juggler, I know it. And along with "I can do hard things" I have another matra for us..."All zombie, all the time."

6:26 PM  
Blogger John said...

And that was from me. Someone was using my laptop.

6:27 PM  

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